Virtual Amazing Race

Take your team online for a thrilling journey around the world!
  • Introduction

    “Take part in our Virtual Amazing Race from the convenience of your own personal working space, anywhere in the world! Explore, learn, create and be challenged together as you travel (virtually) to some of the most interesting and exotic locations around the globe using the power of online communication.”

  • Description

    Teams take part in a virtual Amazing Race to secret locations around the world using a combination of easily accessible programs such as Zoom Meetings and Google Earth. On the day of the event and once everybody has joined, your host will explain the proceedings followed by a globetrotting story and clues to the first location.

    Teams will be preassigned and put into individual ‘Team breakout rooms’ where they can discuss and delegate tasks. Teams will be connected in real time as they’re lead to some famous landmarks in different countries and cities through Google Earth. In each location, teams will be tasked with a variety of challenges and fact finding missions to complete in order to move on in the race. Each challenge will be under time limit.

    Only the quickest and most efficient working teams will be able to reach and complete them all and get to the finish point in time. The lively hosts will be with you the whole time and once the time is up all teams are sent back to the main chat where the host will see who could complete the race in time first.

  • Benefits

    Great for team participation in larger groups Learn new and interesting things about real-world locations Better communication and teamwork Great icebreaker for new teams Better cross-cultural awareness

  • Teams

    Maximum group size is around 50. For larger groups we can host multiple sessions at the same time. Smaller teams of up to 10 are then put in virtual breakout rooms.

  • Location & Duration

    This event is staged online using a combination of ‘Zoom Meetings’ and a selection of other software and websites, all of which are easily accessible or free to download. We can send an invitation via email containing all instructions and links prior to the event. We highly suggest installing the relevant programs and using a desktop or laptop for full experience. Tablet and smartphone access is possible but will contain less functionality. The half day program is up to 4 hours and the full day program up to 8 hours.

  • Challenge Types

    Cryptic cultural challenges – Teams are tasked with solving puzzles by finding information that is hidden within Google street view or information available about the selected location – including language, music, customs, popular culture and much more. Cultural games – Teams are tasked to take part in challenging team building games designed to be played in a virtual classroom setting. Active cultural challenges – Teams are tasked with interacting with a local artisan or practitioner in real time video chat in order to complete a challenge, such as learning Muay Thai from an instructor in Bangkok or learning to draw traditional Japanese calligraphy in Tokyo.


After each game scoring is given to each team and the subtotal is announced until the last game. Final scoring is done during the event debrief and the team with the most points is the winner.

The event briefing takes place in the central video conference room. The briefing will include a short tutorial for how to use the Video Conferencing software and best practices for operating within a group video chat. i.e. muting microphones when not speaking, looking at camera when speaking etc.

After the briefing, participants will be separated into teams and invited by the facilitator to separate chat rooms, then the lead facilitator gives further instructions and objectives for the activity.

The de-brief takes place again in the central video conferencing room.

Briefing and de-brief usually take around 15 minutes each but can be extended upon request for more in-depth analysis of team performance.

09.00 am – Event brief by lead facilitator
09.15 am – Ice breakers and warm up activities
09.45 am – Teams receive their first route instruction and leave for their first location challenge

Teams have 2.5+ hours to complete as many challenges as possible and return to the finish first to win the race
12.15 pm – Teams must reconvene in the central conferencing room.
12.30 pm – Event debrief, awarding ceremony

01.00 pm – End of the program

Below are three options for Virtual Amazing Race with different inclusions and rates all tailored to best match your budget and requirements. The Bronze option is a fixed program with few inclusions but the Silver and Gold packages include extra benefits and allow selection of some or all challenges. On the pricing page we offer further optional extras. The full day activity will have up to double the number of challenges.

All options include:

* One Western lead event instructor

* Ice-breaking activities

* Interstitial (between challenges) quick fire discussion topics

Bronze Package:

– 5 Locations around the world with cryptic clues

– Including cryptic cultural challenges and cultural games

– One facilitator per 40 pax

Silver Package:

– 6 Locations around the world with cryptic clues

– Including cryptic cultural challenges and cultural games

– One facilitator per 20 pax

+ Bronze inclusions

+ 2 Active cultural challenges (live video interaction with local artisans)

+ Raw footage of live stream for internal training purposes

+ Prizes winning team

+ Pre event meeting

Gold Package:

– 7 Locations around the world with cryptic clues

– Including cryptic cultural challenges and cultural games

– One facilitator per 10 pax

+ Silver inclusions

+ 3 Active cultural challenges (live interaction with local artisans)

+ Activity material send to participants in a gift box


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