Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore!

Elevate Your National Pride With Your Team!
  • Introduction

    An incredible celebration of our Country’s National Day, The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore is deeply focused on the great things about what makes Singapore great! Through these Unique activities, we heavily emphasize on team building components to bolster participants to work together in activities that enhance Singaporean values!

    Teams are challenged not just on the speed of their group but rather how well they are able to overcome challenges as a team. By pushing values such as, communication, critical thinking and competitiveness, we aim to give your group a memorable event of familial, national and unified growth!

  • Description

    Teams are required to solve puzzles about Singapore’s history and it’s flag to figure out their next stations, whilst being given challenges along the way to test and push the boundaries of teamwork.

    Be at famous locations, icons, songs and things about Singapore, The Patriot Act aims to blend it all together through numerous popular activities for everyone to enjoy whether young or younger!

    Virtual Online Team building games with activities to suited for National Day themes. These games are designed to focus your team on completing tasks together emphasizing on teamwork rather than speed. 

  • Benefits

    Fun virtual online experience that brings people together Work together as a team solving puzzles, questions about Singapore Leadership, prioritization and delegation skills Creates historical awareness & knowledge about Singapore Great fun to play with your, colleagues families and friends

  • Teams

    Maximum group size is around 100. For larger groups we can host multiple sessions at the same time. Smaller teams of up to 10 are then put in virtual breakout rooms.

  • Location & Duration

    The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore event is staged online using a combination of ‘Zoom Meetings’ and a selection of other software and websites, all of which are easily accessible or free to download. We can send an invitation via email containing all instructions and links prior to the event. We highly suggest installing the relevant programs and using a desktop or laptop for full experience. Tablet and smartphone access is possible but will contain less functionality. The half day program is up to 4 hours and the full day program up to 8 hours.

  • Challenge Types

    The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore will be faced with a set of challenges and problems to solve as we experience the game specially made for Singapore. Team members, families, friends must collaborate using the strengths and skills of each role to overcome increasingly challenges.


Your host will be tallying team scores after each challenge throughout the event and declare the virtual winner at the end during debrief.

The event briefing takes place in the central video conference room. The briefing will include a short tutorial for how to use the Video Conferencing software and best practices for operating within a group video chat. i.e. muting microphones when not speaking, looking at camera when speaking etc.

After the briefing, participants will be separated into teams and invited by the facilitator to separate chat rooms, then the lead facilitator gives further instructions and objectives for the activity.

The de-brief takes place again in the central video conferencing room.

Briefing and de-brief usually take around 15 minutes each but can be extended upon request for more in-depth analysis of team performance.

09.00 am – Event brief by lead facilitator
09.15 am – Ice breakers and warm up activities
09.45 am – Preparation for The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore
10.00 am – The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore begins
12.15 pm – Teams must reconvene in the central conferencing room

12.30 pm – Event debrief, awarding ceremony
01.00 pm – End of the program

Below are three options for The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore with different inclusions and rates all tailored to best match your budget and requirements. The Bronze option is a fixed program with few inclusions but the Silver and Gold packages include extra benefits and allow selection of some or all challenges. On the pricing page we offer further optional extras. The full day activity will have up to double the number of challenges.

All options include:

* One Western lead event instructor

* Ice-breaking activities

* Interstitial (between challenges) quick fire discussion topics

Bronze Package:

– Simple version of The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore

– One facilitator per 40 pax

Silver Package:

– Standard version of The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore

– One facilitator per 20 pax

+ Bronze inclusions

+ Customised backgrounds for each team

+ Raw footage of live stream for internal training purposes

+ Prizes winning team

+ Pre event meeting

Gold Package:

– Standard version of The Patriot Act: Count On Me Singapore

–  One facilitator per 10 pax

+ Silver inclusions


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