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As a full service team building event organizer we provide high quality events for clients in Singapore and abroad! Our goal is to fulfill all your event needs and that you can look back on a successful team bonding or company retreat event. Do you have any questions regarding our event services? Take a look below at the Frequently asked questions, for all the questions and answers. If you can not find your questions feel free to contact us directly at: +6586484186 or by contact from below!


We are a group of professional film artist and we combine fim making with a sauce of team bonding! Create your own commercial, video clip or movie with your team. TVworkshop provide full service team building events in Asia and Europe. Take a look at our about us page. The people behind TVworkshop and history.

Success and working together is important for any group of people! Is it in business, sport, politics, entertainment or charity!  It all comes down to how well the team performs together. Team building is important to build a cohesive, functional, motivated and happy team. Take a look at our blog page, article about "need for team building".

Stunning visual end results made by your team together with TVworkshop! Usable for social media (if allowed). Made in a creative relaxed atmosphere. Take a look at our gallery video page.

We are the oldest film team building company in Europe and Asia and established in 2004 in the Netherlands. Recognised as an event industry leader in planning and delivering film making team building events. We organised numerous events for small SME, large corporate companies, schools and charity organisations! Our passion is creating stunning video end results and creating positive fun team cultures in your company. That makes us happy! Take a look at our reviews page.

For every budget we can organise your TVworkshop team bonding activity! Take a look at our pricing page.

TVworkshop is suitable for all age groups.

We can organise TVworkshop starting from groups of 6 people all the way to large scale events of over 1000 plus participants

Yes, group interaction during TVworkshop is important for us! We have several rolls during filming like actor, actress, production, prop handling, sound etc.

Standard TVworkshop program is between 3 to 5 hours fully customisable into your event.

We help you 1 week before the TVworkshop to choose the best concept suitable for your group(s). We can also make a combination of different concepts per group.

TVworkshop program is very flexible and we can fully customise and integrate it in your program over a whole day. 

Yes we can! Very popular is showing the end results the next morning at office or event venue as start of the day.

You are enthusiastic about TVworkshop for your next team bonding event. How to convince your boss, team or internal event commision? Not to worry! Just give us a call and we can send you some video end results, making of and other documentation. Possible to visit you at your office to help you! Just give us a call and we can arrange a meet up.

We build up a long list of satisfied client who already did TVworkshop team bonding! We have agreements with some past clients. New inquiries of new clients can call them. They are happy to tell you everything about TVworkshop. Let us know and we can provide you the list. Take a look at our client cases for past experience.

Feel free to take a look at review pages:

Review page our website

Google Business


We like to meet up with you at your office to discuss what is possible.

See the next label team building + full event

Before the TVworkshop we discuss in a meet up or telephone talk what the core values, goals or mission statements is of your company! We integrate these as a start in the brainstorm for scripting. Per group we visualize it in a commercial, video clip or one of or other concepts.

As a full service team building event company we arrange incentive overseas retreats. For more information see label incentive events.

All our team building events for Europe are coordinated from the Netherlands, Den Bosch by our sister company succesteambuilding Netherlands. Owned by Marcel Ruijken. More info label incentive events

We can do the TVworkshop everywhere indoor and outdoor. We organise TVworkshop at your office location, event venue, exhibition centre, restaurant and even at the ECP in Singapore. Need help finding a suitable location? Let us know

Happy to assist and advise you in that.

TVworkshop is an indoor and outdoor team bonding activity.

Rain or shine! TVworkshop is always starting. We can easily switch to sheltered or indoor locations if available or we just wait until rain is over.

For every event location we can arrange food and beverage.

TVworkshop is a perfect tool to integrate into your training. Visualizing the outcomes. Ask for our list of training companies we already work together with.

New young generations are growing up with social media and are influenced by vloggers and bloggers creating visual messages on Youtube, Instagram etc.TVworkshop is very suitable for kids and schools creating their own lip dub blog or vlog by TVworkshop.

Yes, let us know what your idea is and how we can combine it with TVworkshop. TVworkshop is working together with several charity organisations in Singapore so we can also make a custom program for your company.

We work together with several prop film companies in Singapore and we can arrange special props, attributes or costumes if necessary depending on your needs and budget.

Yes for sure. We have standard in our package "The Oscar" for team bonding events bigger than 20 pax. Prize is for the "best movie"! Groups bigger than 50 pax we even have "Oscars" for best actress and actor! Enough competition.

We are always open for ideas.

We arrange transportation if necessary for your team day out.

We can arrange event photography for your team bonding event. More info see label full event.

We can arrange event filming for your team bonding event. More info see label full event.

We can arrange aerial drone video and photography for our event in Singapore.

For showing the end results we always need 1,5 hour in the program. Normally for the groups it is time to fresh up, get a drink etc. We prepare the end results for showing.

My name is Emile Leus and just give me a call +6586484186. I'm Dutch and we love to negotiate.

Fill in the form on our contact page! Let us know what you needs are and we send you a quotation within 1 day. Direct contact, just give us a call +6586484186.

By accepting the quotation we will block the reserved date for you in our planning. 

We standard work with paying full amount one week before commencing the team building event if amount is below SGD 6000. For amounts higher than SGD 6000 An initial 60% deposit must be made to commence the event 2 weeks before start of event. The final 40% has to be paid after the event is completed and evaluated within 2 weeks. See our terms and conditions.

For Singapore Government we work with Vendors@Gov Payment within 2 weeks after TVworkshop full amount.

We centralized all payment for companies abroad in Singapore at OCBC Bank Singapore. Payment for team building abroad has to be made in Singapore. More info see label incentive events.

Yes we can help you with that! For more information take a look at the following article we wrote about claiming PIC or CIF

Within 3 working days after the TVworkshop by We Transfer

All our end results will be delivered in MP4 format (h264) HD resolution

Yes including the pricing is a small revision round! 

All end results made during the TVworkshop are free to use for social media purpose. But we always advice every company to check it with the internal policies and guidelines of your company if it is approved to do it.

Phone +6586484186 email [email protected]

All examples of TVworkshop online are approved to show by the companies. Take a look at our gallery page or youtube.

Yes feel free to like or share us. We appreciate that. You can find us at the following social media channels:

The last 15 years we build up a large list of companies in Asia and Europe who participate in the TVworkshop. Just give us a call and we can provide you a full list of all the companies.

Yes we do and with our sister company Success Team Building Singapore we have wide range of other team bonding activities we can provide to your company.

Take a look at our website Terms & Conditions.

Take a look at our website Privacy Policy.

We are based in Singapore at Midview. Adres:

26 Sing Ming Lane #06-121

Singapore 573971

Google Maps

Yes TVworkshop is a Singapore based company registered at SK MENKUMHAM XXXX 

Owner is Emile Leus from the Netherlands and living in Singapore.

You can find more background info about TVworkshop Asia Singapore on Teampedia.

Just send us an email [email protected] and we will send an PDF to you.

You are welcome to give us a call at +6586484186 or sent us an email at [email protected]. We know how overwhelming it can be organizing a full event! Happy to assist you with your event organisation. 

We live and breathe events! Going all the way for you is our mission. With our more than 12 years of event experience, you can trust us in organising your next event.

If you decide to work with us we help you with the event management. We customize our offered service to your need and assist you throughout the event, as much or as little as possible. To ensure everything runs smoothly. We also have our team of designers who can provide creative solutions for your event branding and production as well as all of your other marketing communications outside of events.

We all envision our dreams like in real life. Same as organising events our clients have dreams to full fill and we like to listen to that! How does their event look like? What they envision? We have the goal to make these dreams come through! We love it when we open the doors and a clients walks into the venue for the first time and we see the smile on clients face. That is what makes us happy! We did our job.

TVworkshop is specialized in the planning of corporate, non-profit and social events. includes holiday parties, employee appreciation events, fundraisers, galas, conferences or meetings, weddings, birthday parties, bridal showers and more! You are planning a small gathering of 5 people or the team building event with hundreds (or thousands) of people, we have a newly and fresh, creative approach to bring your event alive and dreams to a reality. 

Each client different needs! Important for us is to filter what your needs are for you event. Below an overview what we can offer to make your event a success! 


  • Registration management
  • Fundraising consultation
  • Accommodation management
  • Full venue liaison/selection
  • Food & Beverages
  • Delegate gifts and awards
  • Theming, speakers and entertainers
  • Meet and greet services
  • Motivational speakers/guest speaker
  • Delegate welcome packs and agendas
  • Transfers
  • Team building and bonding activities
  • Dine out recommendations
  • Event websites creation and on-line delegate registration systems
  • Event branding
  • Delegate badges, lanyards and booklets
  • Event collateral / menu planning / signage / table plans
  • Speaker support presentations
  • Timeline management
  • Budgeting
  • Post event evaluation and analysis
  • Logistics and communications
  • Media/public relations plan
  • AV production and lighting
  • Technical staffing support
  • Signage – digital and static
  • Video and DVD production
  • Set design and build
  • Direct marketing and mailing
  • Voting pads
  • Webcasting
  • Photography
  • Videography
  • Photo booth
  • Aerial drone photo and video services

Yes we do and we work for event design with the best creative event designers per country in Asia.

Important part of your event and a lot of time forgotten! We shout it out together with you that your event is coming up! Mixing several marketing and social media channels to reach the best targeted audience.

We organize events starting from 5 people, all the way up to max 10.000 people.

Yes we do and happy to assist you in that! See label incentive events

No, we do not believe in that. We meet up with you and advise you the best for free.

Different clients, different needs! We do our best to customize it to your needs and within your budget. We will advise you accordingly what is possible and also realistic what is not possible.

We are always transparent about our expenses and we discuss that with you in a meet up. We can work with:

  • Flat project fee
  • Percentage of budget
  • Hourly rate
  • Percentage of expenses plus hourly rate

Yes we understand that. From our side will always work with you on this and will give you the best possible venue/event within your given budget. How large or small your budget is, let us know and we will try and help you achieve all your event objectives.

No we do not do that.

We work with clients in a number of different industries and of varying sizes, including pharmaceutical, banking, IT, electronics, food and beverage, petroleum and more.

It all depends on the needs and size of your event. Normally we start planning 12 months in advance! For large-scale events that involved hundreds or thousands of individuals that span over multiple days, those can take 18+ months to plan. Team bonding and team building full event we normally start 3 months in advance. Our advice is to start early with planning and contacting us.

We love and are passionate about organising the best events. We love to travel and we go where you go.

  • Plan upfront
  • Set a realistic budget.
  • Make your wish list? What do you want to have on your event? A DJ, a fun theme, including team building etc.? 
  • Call us so that you can focus on other parts of the celebration.
  • Event management can be stressful! With such a fun occasion it is not the time to get stressed out. We are here to help guide our clients so that they can also embrace the event.

Give us a call +6586484186 and we can help and advice you on freelance basis by hourly rate

Serving already for more than 12 years satisfied clients. We organised events for Nike, Shell, BNP, WSG Singapore Workforce, SAP and many more

Good to hear and for every event we work closely together with the event coordinator of your chosen event venue.

Yes we do support or cater to any specific religions. In every country in Asia we work with top notch locations serving the best catering.

See: What types of services does TVworkshop offer

Important aspect of organising events. After agreeing quotation and terms and condition we always set up a communication plan with our clients. Depending on the timeline of the event we build it up from monthly to weekly to daily. By phone and meet ups at office.

Yes for sure! We love events.

We do! Our complete team will be present on your event. You enjoy and we work.

We will be dressed accordingly. The members in our event team will be dressed in a monochrome, so they have the right mix of being visible on your event when required and to avoid standing out too much in the crowd. Generally, black as an industry standard, feminine tailored cuts for women. 

Yes we do. Seperate room will be arranged where our staff can take a break and eat, drink

Incentive travel is business-related travel that is designed to provide motivation or incentives to help businesspeople become more successful. Incentive travel is business travel that helps motivate employees or partners to increase certain activity or to reach a goal.

It taps into our desire to escape from everyday life on a vacation. To travel as a reward for reaching sales targets or KPIs is an incredibly enticing driver to an individual employee! 

Yes, well-rewarded workers perform better and stick with their company longer with regular organised incentive programs.  Take a look at the following article written by Lauren Worthy

Step 1: Determine what do your employees enjoy

Step 2: Set your budget for the incentive program

Step 3: Consider the duration of the trip 

Step 4: Decide the destination 

Step 5: Discuss activity opportunities and balanced itinerary

Depending on your budget we can arrange a customised program for you between 2 to 6 days.

Yes we work with partners abroad to organise your best incentive travel ever. We work together with local hotels, transportation companies, caterers, creative agencies.


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